Hard Floor Cleaning Norfolk

There are many types of hard floor surfaces used in the home and business environment. Stone, slate, marble, wood, concrete, vinyl, and linoleum to name a few. Whether new or old they will need cleaning, restoring and maintaining at various times

The following basic processes are common to most floor-care operations..

  • 1. Strip and re-coat
  • 2. Routine cleanings
  • 3. Deep scrub and re-coat
  • 4. Buff or burnish
The result of carrying out these processes is great looking floors. Neglecting these processes will result in bad looking floors, premature replacement of the floor and wasting money.

Stripping the floor is a total floor renewal process and is required when the floor coating is so worn and or dirty that it does not respond to any form of cleaning and burnishing. It is also required when it is a brand new floor installation.

A stripper solution is applied to the floor surface to break up the coats of polish and sealer that may be present. This must be allowed time to work and is assisted by mechanical agitation or scrubbing of the stripper solution. This removes the floor polish and sealer along with any embedded dirt and soil. This resulting slurry then has to be removed from the floor surface.

The floor surface must now be cleaned to remove all chemical residues which can interfere with the adhesion of new coats of Sealer and Polish. This is done by using a neutraliser solution followed by rinsing with water.
Once the floor is dry new sealer and topcoat polish can be applied and then burnished to complete the process.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are required for the removal of liquid, loose debris, sand and dirt particles, as well as embedded dirt particles. This will involve dust mopping and wet mopping with the correct cleaner liquid and burnishing the floor once it is dry.

Scrub and re-coat is a partial stripping process that removes just the top 1 to 2 coats of floor finish, the particles embedded and the scratches in those coats. A deep scrub and re-coat is necessary when the response to routine floor cleaning is unacceptable.

Our wood floor care system brings together products, equipment and procedures designed to work together to create beautiful, durable, slip resistant wood floors.

Whatever the state of your hard floor surface Crystal Clean can clean, restore and maintain it. We can provide all floor-care operations to make your hard floors look good and last longer.

Hard Floor Cleaning Norfolk

Hard Floor Cleaning Norfolk