Carpet and Rug Cleaning Norfolk

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Norfolk provide a top carpet cleaning service to the whole of East Anglia. Clean Carpets & Rugs are good for the home and work environment. Making sure your carpet cleaning is scheduled and the job is carried out correctly is just as important. Carpets act like filters. The clean carpet fibres trap any dirt, dust, spores, allergens, bacteria etc. that are floating in the air that we breath. However, like any filter they need maintenance or emptying, or in this case -carpet cleaning. Using a professional with the equipment to deep clean your carpets to get them: working as a filter again, looking good, hygienic, and lasting longer.
When cleaning carpets remember vacuuming is not enough it only takes away the dirt from the top of the carpet. It leaves a lot of dirt and soil particles deep in the base of the carpet. This, combined with the action of people walking over the carpet, acts like a grinding paste and damages the carpet fibres showing up as worn traffic lanes in your carpet. When a filter becomes full it stops working just like when your carpets are dirty they will stop filtering dirt out of the air. As the carpets are walked on the dirt and muck the carpet cannot trap will be kicked back into the home or work place atmosphere for you to breath in.
Cleaning your carpets deep down to remove this hidden dirt needs the correct method, cleaning agents, equipment, and training for your carpet type and situation. In general carpet cleaning follows a series of steps.

In general carpet cleaning follows a series of steps.

  • 1. Vacuum the carpets
  • 2. A pre spray is applied to the carpets
  • 3. The pre spray is agitated into the carpet with a carpet rake or rotary brush.
  • 4. The carpets are extraction cleaned
  • 5. A post spray is applied to the carpets

The carpets are vacuumed to remove the top layer of dirt to make the extraction clean more efficient.

The pre spray applied is a carpet cleaner called a microsplitter. It splits the bonds holding dirt particles together and dirt particles to the carpet fibres,making it easier to remove them during the extraction clean. These microsplitters are odour free, non toxic, contain no VOC’s, enzymes, bacteria, toxic oxidising agents or bleach. They are hypoallergenic and soap and detergent free to avoid fast resoiling. They are also safe to use on carpets that have had a factory stain protection or anti static treatment applied.

The agitation of the pre spray is to ensure the microsplitter is spread around the carpet fibres and deep into the base of the carpet, to help the efficiency of the extraction clean.

During the extraction clean, water and cleaning agents are forced deep into the base of the carpet and around the carpet fibres under pressure, and then extracted or vacuumed back out. The extracted liquid contains the dirt and muck from deep within the carpet. During this stage other chemicals can be added as well, for example for stain protection or for deodorising. As well as this, any marks or spots not removed by the extraction clean can now be addressed. They will be treated with the appropriate spot removal treatments and then those areas extraction cleaned again.

A post spray which is an anti bacterial spray is applied to kill off bacteria that may remain. We can also apply insecticide treatments at this stage for fleas and moths.

With Crystal Clean, cleaning carpets using this process means your carpets will be clean, hygienic, look good, last longer, and make the home and work place a healthier place, by allowing them to carry on filtering the dirt and muck out of the air around you that you breath.

Rug Cleaning Norfolk

Like carpets, clean rugs act as filters for the home, trapping dirt dust and other nasty things from the environment. Rugs also need to be deep cleaned to keep them looking good, lasting longer, hygienic and working as a filter. Rug cleaning is similar to carpet cleaning. However, depending on the type of rug being cleaned different methods, cleaning agents and insecticide treatment for moths may be required.

Rug cleaning with the correct method, treatments, and equipment is something Crystal Clean excel at.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Norfolk

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Norfolk